IPR Kit 4672

IPR Kit 4672

Komet set 4672

Komet DISCtance IPR system kit

Rotary diamonds discs for interproximal enamel reduction.


The Komet DISCtance IPR system features a range of new, sharp-stripping discs that ensure the amount of substance is easily, efficiently and precisely removed.

The discs have full Medical Device registration

Fully autoclavable bur holder

Comes with 5 new discs

RS15FV.            Fine grit. Thickness 0.15mm coated on upper side

RS15FH.            Fine grit. Thickness 0.15mm coated on lower side

RS15F.              Fine grit. Thickness of 0.15mm coated on both sides

RS20M.             Medium grit. Thickness of 0.20mm coated on both sides

RS30M.             Medium grit. Thickness of 0.30mm coated on both sides

All discs are mounted on a straight handpiece shank.

Optimum speed 5,000 rpm

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