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Komet Dialite Porcelain Glazing Kit
Komet Dialite Porcelain Glazing KitKomet Dialite Porcelain Glazing Kit

Due to customer demand Komet now manufacture its very popular Dialite porcelain points in high speed friction grip.

Komet Dialite Polishing Kit
Komet Dialite Polishing KitKomet Dialite Polishing Kit

DIALITE polishing kit 4313A the new polishing system for ceramic restorations.

Set 4399A For Polishing Ceramics
Set 4399A For Polishing CeramicsSet 4399A For Polishing Ceramics

This Komet set for polishing ceramics has proven not only to be popular with the Dental Technician, but also with the Dentist for the final polishing and glazing of ceramics. Cerec users have also found this kit to be
excellent for glazing cerec restorations.

Online Catalogue |  Porcelain Polishing Kits

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