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Perforated Diamond Discs
Perforated Diamond DiscsPerforated Diamond Discs

The finishing disc 952 can be used for targeted removal of bulk overhangs and precise contouring.
Perforated Diamond Strips
Perforated Diamond StripsPerforated Diamond Strips

A perforated diamond strip gives you the attribures of a diamond strip (durable, thin, and more aggressive than aluminium oxide strips), but add flexibility to the mix.
Komet OS Interproximal Handpiece
Komet OS Interproximal HandpieceOscillating segment disc for interproximal enamel reduction

With the support and professional advice of Prof. Dr. Jost-Brinkmann of the BerlinCharité Dental Hospital, Komet
has now developed a reliable solution for safe and efficient oscillating stripping.
Inman Aligner IPR Starter Kit
Inman Aligner IPR Starter KitInman Aligner IPR Starter Kit

The Inman Aligner IPR Starter Kit contains everything required to start your first cases.

Online Catalogue |  Orthodontic

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Komet Dental Header
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