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Set 4337
Set 4337Set 4337

Instruments for precise micropreparations

Micropreparations require specially designed instruments. Instruments with small working parts and long slender necks as included in the two instrument kits suggested by Dr. Neumeyer.
Set 4383
Set 4383Set 4383

Set 4383 for minimally invasive tooth restoration as suggested by Dr. Stefan Neumeyer.
Fissure Anatomy Kit
Fissure Anatomy KitKit 4474

Komet Set 4474 has been put together for the minimally invasiveopening of fissures and caries. The kit comes with eight tungsten carbide burs; three standard shaft length tungsten carbide for the conservative exploration of adult molars; three miniature shank tungsten carbides for the exploration of primary teeth and adult premolars
and two red band tungsten carbide finishing burs for occlusalfinishing.

Online Catalogue |  Micropreparation

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