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TPS2 Set 4180
TPS2  Set 4180TPS2 Set 4180

With its new shapes TPS 2 allows you to carry out different restorations, veneers, jacket crowns, cast crowns, ceramic metallic crowns, inlays and onlays.


Safe and conservative preparation of ceramic Veneers


Inlay preparation set
Dr Larry Rosenthal
Dr Larry RosenthalDr Larry Rosenthal

A pioneer in his field, Dr Larry Rosenthal teaches other dentists the Art of Aesthetic Dentistry, and is Director of the Rosenthal Group for Aesthetic Dentistry in New York.

Dr Julian Caplan
Dr Julian CaplanDr Julian Caplan

Dr Julian Caplan is an instructor in Cerec dentistry and owner of Aviva Cosmetic Dentistry in Hertfordshire.

Online Catalogue |  Crown, Veneer & Inlay Sets

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